The PrIMe team is subdivided into topical Work Groups. Currently, we have the following groups:

  • Reaction Rate Coefficients groups
    • C0–C2
    • C3–C4
    • C5–C16
    • C6 and up aromatics
    • Nitrogen-containing
  • Thermodynamic data
  • Transport data
  • Theory groups
    • Quantum chemistry
    • Transition-State theories
    • Pressure dependence
  • Experimental Data groups
    • Shock Tubes
    • Burner-stabilized premixed flames
    • Laminar premixed flames (global properties)
    • Diffusion flames
    • Turbulent flames
    • Flow reactors
    • Stirred reactors
  • Soot
  • Spectroscopy
  • Cyber-numerics
  • Industrial

Each group (except for Cyber-numerics and Industrial) has a responsibility for "monitoring" specific parts of the PrIMe Data Warehouse. Such Work Group activities include reviewing the comments, recommendations, opinions, and new data, as they are submitted by the community at large, assess their merits and completeness, and making a recommendation to the PrIMe team. Membership in the PrIMe Work Groups is open to all qualified individuals.

The Industrial Work Group is a full partner of the PrIMe Initiative. Its role, among other things, is to advise on PrIMe direction and priorities, help in creating an industrial component to the PrIMe funding infrastructure, and manage the allocation of these industrial funds. Membership in the PrIMe Industrial Work Group is open to qualified organizations.